Organizations, all around the world, are cautiously optimistic about business scenarios in a post-corona era.

Digital Transformation will lead to business transformation.

While most organizations will have to reinvent themselves to survive and grow eventually, ‘Digital transformation’ will be a major part of this business transformation. Big organization will now invest more on their IT services, and small organization will have no option but to embrace technology in one way or the other.

Taking their business online is no longer a choice. It’s soon going to be a necessity even for small-sized, traditionally-managed businesses.

IT will grow in newer industrial sectors.

During the Corona times, some sectors have already started seeing a huge demand of IT services and IT professionals. Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Telecom sectors have hired a lot of new IT professionals even during the Corona lockdown.

A lot of sectors, which always considered Telecommuting (Working from home) unfeasible and ‘Not their thing’, have now been forced to use it. Working from home (WFH) is being adopted and liked even in government offices where this concept was completely unheard-of till now. Demand for virtual meeting apps like Zoom and tracking & monitoring softwares has grown exponentially in last 2 months.

Organizations who invested big in technology seem better-prepared during Corona times.

Corona has been devastating to the economy in many ways, however, it has also made many organizations realize the power of technology. Organizations that invested more on technology are better-off in dealing with the current pandemic situation. The traditional enterprises which didn’t pay much attention to IT and didn’t see much value in it are also now admitting their oversight.

Before Corona struck, usage of technology was optional, In Corona times it was a compulsion, and in post-Corona times it will be inevitable to survive without technology. Companies are in a race to achieve their digital transformation faster than their competitors. The sooner they adapt to the new business environment and consumer behaviors, the more competitive they will be in the changing market scenarios.

IT will penetrate deeper in organizational processes and consumer preferences.

90% of organizations’ exposure to IT is only limited to creating a website or sometimes a mobile app. Only the top 10% of organizations were going beyond that. IT knowledge and awareness is spreading much faster now, both organizations and consumers are embracing it like never before.

Automation of Big-small business processes and activities will create long-term value for both creators as well as end-users. As per an estimate, about 50% of current manual tasks can easily be automated, saving a lot of money for the businesses in the long run.

IT not only saves you money and time, but it also makes the entire business eco-system more cohesive, use-friendly, reliable and certain. Digital transformation not only helps in streamlining existing business channels, but it also creates new revenue streams and new markets for the businesses.

The demand of IT professional on a rise.

All industry segments will need more and more IT professionals. Demand for some particular skillsets i.e. Machine Learning experts, Data Scientists, Coders, Digital-Marketers, Automation-Engineers, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Cloud experts have already seen a sharp rise in the last two months.

Over the last decade, India has been a top supplier of IT services to the world. We have a large untapped pool of fresh engineers which can help us ramp-up our capacity quickly.


Big organizations that were already harnessing the power of IT will now invest even more on technology. In these Corona-induced situations, they are most equipped to deal with the lockdowns, social distancing and virtualizations.

Small organizations that never considered IT a necessity have started going-digital in one way or the other. They had to learn the importance of it in a hard-way, traditional organization with no digital ecosystem to reach to their current and potential customers were the worst-hit in Covid-19 pandemic.

Demonetization turned out to be a boon for digital-payments. e-wallets, UPI, BHIM came into existence and have now become an integral part of our lifestyle. Likewise, Corona will push the IT growth to a high pedestal and those who are willing to digitally transform themselves faster will have the early-mover advantage.

Requirements for IT services and IT professionals will see a surge never seen before. Are you ready to ride the wave?

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